St. Joseph Beauty University  of Hair & Nail Design



This program is designed to prepare the student for the State Board Examination upon successful completion of 1500 clock hours. Students will have a minimum of 160 hours of classroom instruction learning the skills and theories of hairdressing, cutting, coloring, permanent waving, manicuring, business, etc. The students will also study the structure and chemistry of hair. Upon receiving professional license, students will possess the skills and knowledge to be employed in entry-level cosmetology positions.

Course takes approximately 40 weeks to complete with the hours of 8:45 AM to 5 PM Monday - Friday.


Proof of completion of the 10th grade, High School Diploma or GED

Minimum age of 16 (must be 17 years of age before completion of the program)


Shampooing of all kinds 40 hours

Hair coloring, bleaches, and rinses 130 hours

Hair cutting and shaping 130 hours

Permanent waving and relaxing 125 hours

Hair setting, pin curls, finger waves, thermal curling 225 hours

Comb outs and hair styling techniques 105 hours

Scalp treatments and scalp diseases 30 hours

Facials, eyebrows, and arches 40 hours

Manicuring, hand/arm massage, treatments of nails 110 hours

Cosmetic chemistry 25 hours

Salesmanship and salon management 10 hours

Sanitation and sterilization 30 hours

Anatomy 20 hours

State law 10 hours

Miscellaneous lab, lecture and review 470 hours

Total of 1500 hours